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We are proud to employ an experienced and hardworking staff. We hold our employees to high standards and hope you find our service to be above average.

Portable Restroom Service

Whether ordering service for an A & A unit or customer owned unit, you can expect that your service technician will:

  • Pump out waste tank
  • Refill with a non-toxic earth friendly chemical solution
  • Clean and wipe down interior of restroom including vent pipe and screen
  • Clean urinal (remove scale)
  • Refill paper products and sink (if applicable)
  • Replace soap (if applicable)
  • Wipe down floor

RV Pump-Outs

We also pump out waste from your RV. You can come to our facility or we will go to your location!

Septic Tank Pumping

We pump both compartments of your septic tank dry which includes removing septic solids, floating particles, scum and grease.  Our service reduces the amount of sludge located at the bottom of your tank from entering the drain field.

*Pumping only one side of the tank is not adequate in maintaining the proper functioning of your septic system.

**Area restrictions may apply contact our service manager for details**